Meat Factory Clothing


We are Meat Factory Clothing, the brand which comes to pull you out of the boredom that is present in the world of T-shirt designs.

We create limited unisex T-shirt collections where the tees are used as a canvas for our special photo designs. Each of them has original story represented by the human beauty in the wicked mask character. Whether you follow the rabbit’s adventure or get fascinated by the horse’s power, you will certainly experience the attention. Therefore we dare you to find the courage to live it up with us!

Only 50 pieces of each design is produced. It means that if you miss your chance to get your favorite T-shirt now, you won't be able to get it later.
All Meat Factory designs are:

100% fresh - you won't find it anywhere else

100% meat free - suitable for vegetarians and animal lovers

100% cotton - light natural material

Don't be scared. Jump to the hole. Explore our store.